Opening its doors in 2001 Retromedia is one of the longest running Independent DVD brands in the Market. Founded by Cult film Producer-Director, Fred Olen Ray, the company has specialized in a wide variety of off beat pop culture motion pictures from the 1930s up through the crazy days of the 1980s VHS Boom. 

What’s New?

Unliving Candy box

JANUARY 20, 2015

THE UNLIVING. This is it! For years people have been asking for the Original Fully Uncut version of Paul Naschy’s last Werewolf  movie, so here it is! Michelle Bauer burns up the screen in a unreal gir-girl love scene in this 95 Minute, 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen presentation. Directors Commentary Track with Fred Olen Ray, moderated by Cult Filmmaker, David DeCoteau. Original Trailer, 3 Still Galleries and a 30 Minute “Making of Video” A WEREWOLF IN HOLLYWOOD!

CANDY STRIPERS OVER THE EDGE. Another smoking hot uncensored, too much for even Cinemax, Double Feature. CANDY STRIPERS OVER THE EDGE stars Monique Alexander and Hannah Harper, plus BRIDESMAIDS OVER THE EDGE with Christine Nguyen like you’ve never seen her before!

Bikini Avengers site

FEBRUARY 24, 2015

AMITYVILLE DEATH HOUSE (2014) starring Eric Roberts. Produced and Directed by Mark Polonia. Stop Motion Effects by Brett Piper. Witchcraft, Zombies and some things that simply defy description are awaiting anyone brave enough to step inside.

BIKINI AVENGERS (2014) starring Erika JordanJacqui Holland and Sarah Hunter as the Jade Empress. Dean McKendrick’s love letter to the wacky world of 1960s TV Super Heroes and Mega Villains… with an Erotic Twist! This is ELECTRA WOMAN AND DYNA-GIRL like you’ve always wanted to see them! 

These girls are Stripped for Action!

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